Marketing initiatives (extract)

Product launches
Product launches
Creating engaging materials that capture from the first touchpoint on

My motto: "Make them click to want more. Don't do the usual, go new ways."



  • Flowchart idea for Campaign Managers: 'How well do you understand your campaign performance?'

    • Response from one of our Global Client Director was: "This is the best flowchart I have ever seen. Thanks Marketing!"

    • Revenue target reached after 6 months

  • Cartoon idea to show our shopper suite and help clients turn shopper into buyers.

    • +201% more impressions on LinkedIn

    • +263% more likes and shares

    • +18% more gif views

    • Printed version was part of client holiday gift, which resulted in new meetings for this topic

  • Comparison chart: let clients decide to go traditional or digital: faster, cheaper with global reach.

    • +83% more impressions on LinkedIn

    • +160% more likes and shares

    • +550% higher click-through rate

    • Revenue target reached after 9 months

  • Take a quiz: let brand and category managers see if their brand is being recommended: 'How much do you know about the influence of the bartender?'


Lead generation campaigns
Lead generation campaigns
Using core and new solutions to attract a new audience

My motto: "Understand each part of the customer journey and tap into each step."

Implemented a lead generation strategy across key products resulting in 72% increase in leads in 2018.

  • 'Best practices in packaging design testing' through SEA, Email campaigns, Landing pages, branded case stories, whitepapers, blog posts, solution page following the customer journey.

  • 'Understand your ROI on influencer marketing' through SEA, 16sec YouTube video leading to a landing page for more content. followed up with email campaigns, whitepaper, branded case story and 'ask the expert' opportunity.
  • 'Ask the expert': giving prospects the chance to ask about a key topic, e.g. advertising pre-testing, social influencers and packaging design testing.
  • 'Connected car': open doors to Automotive and Technology companies by understanding what drives consumers.
    • Landing page with global teaser report
    • Part of TechTrends, yearly client magazine
    • Infographic 1, 2 and country blog posts for local clients, e.g. China, Russia
    • Global press release
  • Developed a new client base for Dr Harnisch Publishing in Asia, Europe and the USA and spearheaded the launch of an international beverage guide to subsequently exceed sales targets by 25%
Global campaigns
Global campaigns
Using a 'clients first' approach to cross-sell/up-sell and enhance partnership

My motto: "Make it a great partnership. Make our clients love us."

Focusing on key countries and introducing clients and prospects to core and new/innovation solutions so they can make faster business decisions.

  • Account-based marketing (ABM) to focus on key accounts to grow locally and globally

  • Year review and outlook 2019: for key clients. review past year and wet their appetite for new ideas in the upcoming year (works really well)

  • Industry specific materials for relevancy in Financial Services, Pharmaceutical verticals

  • Events and webinars together with clients for maximum reach

    • Recent client event had 60% prospects which resulted in new meetings and positive ROI

    • Blog on website had +379% more impressions

    • Summary video had +2,200% more views

  • Email campaigns, branded case stories and social media outreach through our sales force

  • Spearheaded and coordinated the successful launch of GfK’s quarterly client magazine (Connect) and achieved significant growth of 30% in client sign ups on a global scale – circulation peaked at 56k

Brand strategy
Brand strategy development
Brand refresh and positioning

My motto: "Be recognizable in everything, not just for the logo."



  • Innovation and client positioning: Demonstrate MetrixLab as innovative player and what we have done together with clients.

  • Championed the end to end delivery of two major re-brand projects for GfK and MetrixLab by revising the entire brand experience and enhancing internal and external branding and communications strategies as part of a leading global team.

  • Engaging stakeholders and employees throughout the journey creates the perfect launch.



Digital platforms
Digital platforms
Revamping website to increase traffic and inquiries

My motto: "People buy from people. Show our colleagues and write in an engaging way."

Successfully increased website visits and inquiries by 55% and 13% respectively through SEO / SEA.

  • Pioneered the design and set up of digital and paid campaigns which became used as a model across other divisions of GfK, whilst additionally adding new countries to the Automotive client newsletter to maximise scale and reach

  • Designing engaging content and campaigns to enhance brand awareness and conversion for MetrixLab.

  • Revised careers page became one of the most visited websites: showing our employees and why they joined. Making people the center of all we do.

Internal communi-cations
Internal communications
The power to shape a company culture

My motto: "Show colleagues from around the world and their great work."


  • Restructured internal communications by continuously focusing on colleagues and our success stories from around the world. 

  • Increased open rate by +5%

Global Marketing team
Global Marketing team
Building efficient and powerful teams

My motto: "How can I help you make your job better?"

Restructured the global marketing team into expert areas with clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Own it, Enjoy it is one of MetrixLab's values. Our team lives and breathes it, resulting into increased employee engagement.

Bringing value to the business

My motto: "Let's do more of the items that work and stop what's not working."

Proactively developed and presented monthly ROI reports for the CEO and senior business leaders.

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