How I bring marketing to a new level

Transformational leadership

Building team performance and impact


All mixed with a positive attitude and passion for people

Walking in Nature
Transformational leadership

Developed the MetrixLab team from a reactive department to a self-starting, strategic business unit, delivering value for client and business growth.

Changed Sales team perceptions to now seeing Marketing as their business partner. Our innovative activities drove +13% client and prospect inquiries in 2019.

Building team performance and impact

Restructured into specialism and grew the team from 3 to 10 thus strengthening the Marketing’s capacity to create value for the business.

Grew Marketing’s relevance and recognition for its contribution. The Team scored 87% in our Employee Engagement survey 2020 (companywide 69%).

Initiated the practice of presenting ROI reports to the C-suite, showing data-driven results and effectiveness. This enabled Marketing to earn its role in overall strategy development.

New Haircut

I convinced the Team and Business to try new initiatives. We used cartoons, quizzes, flowcharts, influencers and changed our copywriting.

Once the Business saw the positive reactions/meetings from clients, they demanded more initiatives.

Ritter Sport, Germany: “Thanks for the cartoon. Could you tell me more?”

Dare to be different in your marketing approaches

and never stand still